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The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
This series was brought to the online world for the purpose of discussion and audience participation. If this page is giving you trouble try: https://thepitofultimatedarkshadows.wordpress.com/
Category: TV & Film
Location: Collinsport, Maine
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This series was brought to the online world for the purpose of discussion and audience participation. Not to be popular...

by Daryl Wor
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March 14, 2016 10:54 PM PDT

Originally a “minicast” but since that experiment showed unworthy, this is now a full-on podcast. I still await discussion for Episode 14 so I remain creative while we all “wait”. (If you have time for this how do you *not* have time to answer the Q & A for Episode 14 of The Pit?)

Updates in my creative pursuits. Explanation of the importance in help from others while trying to learn and maintain accuracy. Reincarnation research via Dark Shadows, Maggie Evans as Josette, and Sam Evans as Andre in The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. Episodes of Dark Shadows are delved into with various clues for why The Pit works toward what it does. (DS Episodes discussed are: 422, 697 & 853.)

There is a short reading of H.P. Lovecraft's work while analyzing how The Leviathans in Dark Shadows came about. An offering of review-swapping for other radio dramatists and podcasters.

I hereby declare that anyone who is part of the audience is no longer allowed to discuss “the audience” with me. Doing that is incredibly redundant and doesn’t help me, your entertainer, in any way, shape or form. Thank you.

February 11, 2016 01:14 PM PST

Personal updates, understanding of what new technology has done to many of us in such a short time (which is very much like “Invasion of The Body Snatchers”). Discussion of how the convenience tricked us into believing we were more connected when we’ve actually become even more disconnected.

How new friendships along with new fans are picking up the pieces and how it’s come about.(Further help is very appreciated!)

News about previous and upcoming elements to “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”, as well as “Margaret Josette Dupres”: character studies and analysis and why that’s important.

Hopes for getting out another interview/workshop with the wonderfully helpful and well grounded author: Osheen Nevoy. Characters and events coming up for Episodes 15 & 16.(And some irritability at the technical problems we're facing.)

Suggestions of where to go if one’s personal preference is to live in a “bummer world” rather than engaging in change for the better.

December 01, 2015 10:20 PM PST

Lurch’s harpsichord entreats our venture toward a new avenue of this radio drama. The troubles collide and the gratitude extends in name and detail. So much celebration to be had between our faithful listeners who speak, and then? Our Addams Family prodigy reveals why she adores The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, as well as the golden age of cinema.

Discussion in the appreciation of canon, romance, fandom interests, emotional fortitude, our deeper meaning, exploration, friendship, Facebook disconnect, character study, and who we are.

Four alternatives to Facebook and its “Instant God”. Why correspondence is important and the donation account details: https://www.patreon.com/darylwor

Explanations about knee-jerk reactions from people who can’t see past fanfiction in “text” and never understand this project equates to major effort and money for bills to the post office, podomatic, archive donations, DVD extras, research books, moral support, and the drive for a higher purpose of being.

October 31, 2015 10:24 PM PDT

Four months in production for audio in 2014. Originally published in text on 20 October 2013, then withheld from the public due to lack of support and discussion, we have now gained enough support on All Souls' Day 2015 (more than two years later) to bring you this episode.

As Barnabas awakens to some whistling he discovers why Sam Evans seemed so familiar to him as shown in Episode 4. Wary of this understanding Barnabas is given jovial appeal as Sam Evans reveals himself to be the reincarnation of Andre Dupres.

Willie and Wadsworth enjoy their re-acquaintance in Dr. Hoffman’s office, and Nurse Jackson reveals her wit while requesting them to pipe-down.

Barnabas and Maggie explore their relationship further, but the ghost of Sarah Collins needs to point out someone important they may have forgotten about. Before they can reach Wyndcliff, Dr. Hoffman and Professor Stokes are already heading in that direction, with certain revelations between each other as their relationship blooms.

All fun in Hades breaks loose when the entourage reach Dr. Hoffman’s office and it is decided what will become of Mr. Loomis. Still, Willie has a special bone to pick with Barnabas. (This is the pivotal scene I’ve held dear to my soul and needed enough support to share again.)

Elizabeth & Roger have a pleasant chat while opening their mail together. If listeners can’t express themselves concerning what Elizabeth has to tell Roger about Burke Devlin I shall forever wonder what program they were watching… As we listen further the ghosts are accepted, Lily’s oddity in form is understood and great wonders of trust unfold.

As Willie sits before the fire in contemplation, our butler Wadsworth explains to him all that might be beyond his grasp. Willie scoffs… that is… until a familiar little girl brings him to understand what many listeners to this series likely never will.

August 07, 2015 11:09 AM PDT

20 Minutes flat of updates in how the distractions and social networks have been eating us up for generalities when what actually gels people together are smaller crowds and specific interests.

Steps to take for anyone who wishes to be part of the discussion crew for the radio drama episodes. Love to Poly Styrene, Barnabas Collins and groups who don't tolerate cruelty. As well as some fun music, of course.

April 13, 2015 05:12 PM PDT

Paper letters from people who enjoy the radio drama as well as The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Learning about what responses happen offline instead of online.

What is given via pen pals and why it's better than the "high-speed" internet world which has become much slower than the postal system.

Discussions of love and hate for Barnabas Collins and who the guy actually resembles. Interesting background on the creator to "The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows" and why she doesn't believe cliche' advice. Plugs for other writers and how working together could create a better society simply in the practice of focusing on what we enjoy, rather than what we despise.

Fun music from The Ramones, K-Tel's album "Vampire Songs", Doctor Who (and where we're shooting for his entrance) as well as Love Spit Love's cover from "The Craft" of The Smiths song, for which this podcast is named.

Further help can be learned of and expressed here:


February 22, 2015 04:33 PM PST

A cover of the "South Pacific" tune leads us into what is needed for this spooky multi-fandom, Dark Shadows, Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Addams Family, Clue, Lily Munster, Kids In The Hall...

Addressing personal concerns as to the health of it's creator. Noticing estrangements in how we've been programmed by "The Internet".

For anything unmentioned in this podcast I would say for listeners/readers delving into This Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows and not knowing what to say:

Address your characters in episode commentary, your fandoms, those scenes. I always hoped for that in sharing it this far and wide.

We are not Dark Shadows junkies. We want everyone else. Golden Girls fans, Addams Family fans, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir fans, Lily Munster fans, Goth kids, Elvira people, everyone else, come over! Come and be part of this wild thing!

Bless you.

January 01, 2015 02:44 AM PST

Pat Benatar greets us in this understanding of being young, vital, and disenfranchised from the DS universe as far as romantic pairings go. (What a can of worms!)

We also delve into what the heck happens when this actor/writer/comedienne gets her darn commentary. We shall listen in this intro.

Another workshop with "Daryl's Husband" in which we come to understand the occupational choices this married couple has made and benefited from.

Then we have the explanation of what comes up in Episode 14, should the audience choose to express what they enjoy about the previous thirteen episodes. And I believe I edited out that weirdness at the end from New Years Eve. It's just the song now.

Peace and long life,
Live long and prosper...

December 20, 2014 04:00 PM PST

For Episode 13 we have Dr. Julia Hoffman and Barnabas Collins in a stare down of obstacles. Why DOES he love Josette and why is Maggie the key to that love? (Warning #1: Dr. Hoffman breathes a PG swearword, and since no one else would talk to me, Helena was in charge of allowing this swearword to happen. Thanks, sweetie.)

Next we have Wadsworth returning in this installment because after his evening with Professor Stokes, the latter has an ample idea of why Wadsworth and Willie Loomis should meet. (Warning #2: If you listen to this you may never watch the motion picture “Clue” the same way again.)

Sam Evans as Andre Dupres and Maggie Evans as Josette Dupres must hash out the problems they have been facing while the coffee is on the perk, and of course, they will do it in the winning way their relationship as father and daughter has always be held.

Lily is correct in her determination that her cousin Elizabeth must meet with this helpful, if blustery ghost, Caleb Collins, and he has more to say to the both of them then they might have expected. However, Elizabeth grits her stalwart teeth and carries forward. With all of the haunting in her household, *nothing* will stand in her way of understanding the truth about Victoria Winters.

Meanwhile, Victoria Winters is designing handiwork with Morticia Addams after Uncle Fester and she have a few words. Morticia has knowledgeable and understanding things to say of Collinsport and its residents, as well as coming to the realization of *who* and *what* Victoria Winters truly is.

As Dr. Julia Hoffman reaches Barnabas again, via the help of Professor Stokes, she comes to understand what her best-friend is agonizing over and now that it has sent him to draw himself over the edge? She will confront that factor with everything she knows at all costs. (Warning #3: Please do NOT listen to this episode while driving. Dr. Julia Hoffman has taken Professor Stokes automobile and is using it like a mad thing.)

[This episode dedicated to Kathryn Leigh Scott.]

August 15, 2014 04:16 PM PDT

Understanding of how everything in this series, including the wrap-up novel, came to be and why no one spoke up before.

Discussions about issues in pairings in the Dark Shadows world and about bullying over them, as well as the depth of Barnabas Collins tenderness that few writers come into contact with. Comparisons to other fandoms.

Workshop about constructive-praise, guilt and communication with "Daryl's Husband".

Scenes coming up for Episode 13.

Explanation about manipulation over someone else's talents and freedom of choice.

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