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The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows podcast
This series was brought to the online world for those who know how to watch television. If this page is giving you trouble try: https://thepitofultimatedarkshadows.wordpress.com/
Category: TV & Film
Location: Collinsport, Maine
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This series was brought to the online world for the purpose of discussion and audience participation. Not to be popular...

by Daryl Wor
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January 30, 2020 02:22 AM PST

And now, finally, back to the story… (I’ve been building this podcast since March 2019, so bare with me.) After mention of the dedication we get to what happens during Episode 15 in ‘The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows’, the annotated version, of course.

The hilarious gin-rummy game between Nicholas Blair and Vampire Angelique, continuing on to the scene with Roger Collins, V’Angelique and Lily Munster. Next, Grandmama Addams and Morticia’s foray into Victoria Winters’ memories of Reverend Trask. Later, we cut from Josette’s room to a Willie and Sarah scene to David’s surprise and back again as Wadsworth enters, which leads to The Great House, Elizabeth’s announcement(s), and Barnabas meeting Lily Munster. (Is Lily’s vampire side helping out too cheesy or corny? Late 20th Century: Yes. Early 21st Century: No.)

How the Willie and Wadsworth scene reveals why Willie Loomis has been affected by the nurturing touch of Professor Stokes and others.

Barnabas, at last, encounters the ghost of Caleb Collins. Why Barnabas IS “So Mr. Darcy” and other “Pride and Prejudice” influences. The importance of Maggie/Josette that Caleb understands, leading us to the ending in which Tom Jennings meets Vampire Angelique that night, and why the song fits.

My feelings about Heather O’Rourke and inviting her admirers to reach out and discuss her short time among us.

Then we wrap up with one of my lectures about better manners to which many listeners will likely fall asleep.

January 24, 2020 03:54 AM PST

Just a little something I wanted to put out there prior to my release of the Retrospective in Episode 15.

For Terry Jones and John Karlen: I don’t know who I would be if it weren’t for you…

And frankly? I *don’t want* to know who I would be without either of you!

This is for you, for us, and for me.

Thank you and fare thee well.



December 10, 2019 05:02 AM PST

A few updates to pen friends. A dainty cautionary and word-to-the-wise about certain topic omissions, then… onto the fun! Spoiler ideas for upcoming Pit episodes blending DS 640-647 into The Pit. (Funny bit about solving a spill being faster than endlessly fretting over it.)

Why we shall be getting more of Dr. Hoffman in future shows and less Barnabas. (And how we will get more Barnabas later.) More of Sarah’s Ghost being very useful. (Thank you, Captain Daniel Gregg!)

The love for DS which surpasses social media, thankfully! On to education as well: The technology went too fast or us to humanly compensate with it! “The Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television” suggestion.

How heckles create lines. The misuse of “critiquing”. Why I care more about the sentimental motivators far beyond (automatic) haters. Always remember: You are using computers.

Fun talk about Dark Shadows (2012) and Michelle Pfeiffer in the “Dark Shadows: Visual Companion” book. Reasons I felt using the word “closet” was completely acceptable. (Also why I cannot stand useless guilt: Barnabas Collins.)

And a very Merry Solstice to our old heroine: Saramonster! ! ! <3
Background music/clips:

Ebonshire – Nox Arcana

Face To Face – Siouxsie & The Banshees

Hurray For Santa Claus – The Fleshtones

October 22, 2019 05:48 PM PDT

Addressing the closet-fans, now that I have a better way of describing the situation. Why one podcast is missing and how to return it. Deleting my tumblr account and the moral support I received from a friend in ever having used it. (Who to thank for my use of Reddit.) My aversion to commercial sites and preference for smaller groups. The unreliability of commercial social media: “They sure know how to get ya’.”

Working on Pit 21, as well as watching more Dark Shadows. Finding ideas for the future “saving” of Madame Findley, and all the fun that goes into that. (Roger Collins always brings in hilarious ideas.)

Wonderful experiences with pen friends and fancy postage. Enjoying the mundane over the tragedy of “everyone” needing to be a “critic”. How nonsensical the criticism and “need” for it gets. Reasons why I and others weren’t affected by any of the non-canon ideas that come from groups of Dark Shadows fans. The hazard of allowing foul behaviour to take-over and what the approval of it leads toward.

The highs and lows of pen pal zines and letter-writing: Let us not mix our non-profit hobbies with commercial ventures. It leads to peril and upset. How, in searching for the non-conformists, I kept finding those who went along with the new status-quo. More fun with our friend, Seamus, being a new listener, which helps me a lot. More reasons that the Q & A came into being and works so well.

Offering of “Bloody Mary’s Delight” for Halloween. (Sorry I couldn’t do a reading this year for that.)

More invitations for fans of The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows, or me, or both, to come out of the closet.

September 17, 2019 02:50 PM PDT

Yes! My calmer self is speaking these days. Discussing why this show ended up being more me talking over details than the radio drama project part of it: commercialism online was a massive component of that and what commercialism did to our social lives. Seeing the difference in community organized creations versus commercial creations.

Topics in my consideration of a potential Dark Shadows continuation program, digesting that and how it might affect everything. How I’ve digested other series apart from Dark Shadows, and how friends have made adjustments for other new releases. Also why I and others chose Dark Shadows to view. Making choices about other entertainment productions (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) How a new show doesn’t really change anything for Interruption fanwork.

My delving into Dark Shadows movie fanfiction, having fun with that and why I enjoy it. The choices that I make with productions by Burton & company, as well as my being in the middle for those, along with what precious few fun-spooky flicks we had prior to Burton’s work. Why it’s helpful to do longer reviews in a chronological format.

Some addressing to the pen pals, keep in touch, thank you!

August 28, 2019 04:34 AM PDT

Milligan and Hecubus come to introduce the show with their usual flair but a much different song.

As Carolyn Stoddard enters The Great House, her uncle, Roger Collins, presents her with the letter Mrs. Muir has sent which requests Miss Stoddard to visit her in Schooner Bay, while Roger evokes a bizarre dream he once had.

After Maggie ascertains what Captain Gregg managed with Endora, via her father’s description, she asks about what happened to Mr. Wells at the Inn. Sam is happy to relay that Mr. Wells did not perish and perhaps Chris Jennings is in as much trouble as the both of them suspect. This leaves them wondering what the Witches of Morning Glory Circle are considering for our nemesis, Angelique.

Endora “pops in” joining with Samantha to investigate and discuss what should be done about Angelique. They gear up for a most un-pretty sight. As the time of their investigation moves along they feel the need to list the wide variety of bad deeds Angelique provided to the Collins family over many decades. Next they wonder where Angelique happens to be in the present.

Through an incantation (that I still can’t believe made it past the 1960’s censors) Angelique invokes herself to Diablos’ Dominion. He’s quite pleased to see her. It is Happy Hour In Hell, after all. As they discuss the details between her, a bio-exorcist, and Nicholas Blair over their favourite beverages, they come to an understanding.

Diablos shows very little patience with the likes of Nicholas Blair and his incompetence. His punishment is forthcoming. Sir Simon Milligan and Manservant Hecubus are *quite* happy with the results!

The deranged antics of The Underworld take their toll on Samantha and Endora. Then they manage to devise a plan for Angelique anyway…

As Carolyn Stoddard approaches Gull Cottage, Captain Gregg manages a little tease and she is welcomed warmly by the housekeeper, Martha.

Mrs. Carolyn Muir descends the stairs and gives her friend, Carolyn Stoddard, a play-by-play in the parlour of Elizabeth Stoddard’s visit to her and the implications for all involved, which includes the bestowing of further expectations to Collinwood’s current upkeep.

Next is a wee respite of Lily giving Liz the “indication” to meet with Bill Malloy’s ghost on deck.

Elizabeth meets with Bill to find they both were more fond of one each other than any might suppose, including one another, even as Bill expresses how much he now knows of Elizabeth’s past and Victoria’s place in that.

As Carolyn Stoddard returns to Collinwood, she approaches a distraction in the woods. After this terrifying experience, Carolyn discovers a little girl, Amy Jennings, and invites her to come along to The Great House.

August 24, 2019 01:19 AM PDT

Gratitude to pen friends all over. Explanation of how the closet-listeners came into being and how they behave. Hence, I avoid them in return. (Ah, the fascinating absurdity.)

Mentions of more tech communities who prefer humane methods. Then onward to further spoilers for Pit Episode 21 (twenty-one)!

A little explanation of our friend, Seamus, mentioned in previous podcasts, as well as his own reaction, likely very familiar to closet-listeners, to The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows. (One of my hypotheses was correct!)

Going through a list of highlights that would help to alleviate the communication problems with listeners of this series. Believe it or not, though I prefer you believe this: As much as there are some people who request and want “critiquing”? There are also some of us that don’t! (Yes, what a shock…) Then a description of how we all became monsters with this idea of criticizing ‘everything’. (Myself included.)

Concern over the younger generation and my little offerings of helping a tiny corner of that.

July 25, 2019 05:38 PM PDT

Just a little something that might help. Why going in sequence is not only useful but vital. Take care, everyone.

July 03, 2019 08:15 AM PDT

Difficulty in celebrating Dark Shadows and The Pit… As well as communication technology going bad. Appreciating Helena Clara Bouchet for being a non-canon AND canon romance fan. (Seriously!)

The perils with audience members attempting to be “critics”. Troubling responses from those *only* talking about what they *think* that ‘People’ think. (I’d much rather know what *you* think!)

Explaining all this to pen pals. Work on Pit episodes recently. Notes to those who always say “Change it!” with loving kindness to DS cast members.

Podcasts about the internet. (What was The Web like in 1999?) Discussing alterations in people’s behaviour with pen friends. Coming to terms with what Barnabas and Josette/Maggie fans have had to deal with for many years.

What I’ve been doing while utterly “wiped-out” including watching tons of Marx Brothers movies. Going through double overplays between our two centuries: 20th and 21st. (TV/youtube, mobile phones/telephones.)

If nothing else? I have finally done what I set out to do: Share the work to find the companionship. ^_^

May 16, 2019 11:40 PM PDT

Why “House of Dark Shadows” is a party movie, with much love and apologies all around.

Spoilers for Pit episodes (20) Twenty and (21) Twenty-One. It’s going to take a lot of effort for Chris Jennings to understand he’s in a relief-series now and not a soap-opera. Also a little consideration for how to word things with Bewitched characters.

How I came to learn about The Center for Humane Technology (humanetech.com) and how very important I consider their work, with incredible validation about my own social media experience, as well as the experiences from other pen pals. Theories on the discussion-avoidance problem.

I also talk about a self-taught trick I learned of *how* to pay better attention, there is a fun story about why I learned it. I hope it helps anyone who wants to improve their focusing skills. After that I share a treat of a memorable tool I grew up with from the 1980’s.

Discourse about grassroots help, and then: A heartfelt affirmation towards all those who love or enjoy “The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows”.

Background music:

“Pure Energy” – Information Society,
“Me” – Zion De Gallier,
“Living Room” – Broadcast,
“Tangram” – Tangerine Dream,
“Undertow (Spooky Remix)” – Lush
“Looking For You” – Patti Smith

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